AutoCAD and 3DS Studio Max: similarities and differences

Although at first sight AutoCAD and 3DS Studio Max (also known as Autodesk 3ds Max) programs are quite similar, there are important differences that determine the choice of one of these two programs. Both AutoCAD and 3D Studio Max allow the user to realize. Ideas graphically very precise Before deciding which program most of the work will be done, it is the ultimate goal of your project is crucial.

Reality 3D versus 3D animation

The main difference between AutoCAD and 3DS Studio Max is the idea that has served as the basis for the design of the two programs. AutoCAD is designed to serve as a willingness to create. Finally he realized that in reality the corresponding digital objects as a graphic tool Think of a technical schematic drawings and designs. Although it begins with an animation, but the ultimate goal of this animation is to realize this design in reality.

On the contrary, that a program like 3D Studio Max is designed to remain. Entirely in the digital environment, artistic freedoms are therefore easier to apply than AutoCAD in this program. The design of the program and the development of opportunities have been taken into account. All common detailed reality can be reached. Using preprogrammed tools Think of the structures and fine details as you would also find in reality.

Interestingly, therefore it is in 3D Studio Max within the graphical environment of the (everything) actually tries everything possible to get closer, while AutoCAD wants to join. Technically a different set of instruments, ultimately outside the graphic environment as much as possible to reality.

Detail with the graphic display of all

3D Studio Max is designed to create from scratch as a whole. Artistic reality potentially In contrast AutoCAD works on a detail of documents at a technical level and is intended for objects and other things to achieve. Schematic graphic This has been exchanged between the two programs, but it does entail the realization of a design that one program is designed specifically laborious in the other program.

Medium front destination

3D Studio Max lends AutoCAD best in practice. Presentations with This need to generate, given the technical nature of the AutoCAD program as a means to achieve the design really no surprise. Therefore, Studio 3D Max as a program that is specially designed for artistic purposes is more suitable for such an animated business presentation to convert.

The object as the control

The choice between the two programs should advance what the objective of the project is clear. On the other hand, they don’t always have to be from one program or another, as graphic elements in terms of file type are interchangeable. A problem in the process of doing

That said, the conclusion is that, depending on the final objective of your project, the ability to choose between either 3D Studio Max or AutoCAD will be a fairly obvious option

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