Who are we Artist Impression 3D?

Our company specializes in 3D design for architects, project developers and municipalities.

The company is formed by Wouter van Nierop staff and a team of 3D specialists. In 2009 we helped companies, architects and municipalities to offer high quality 3D designs. Shape ideas so we provide include 3D design for:

  • 3D design of construction projects (houses, new office complexes, renovations to existing office buildings)
  • 3D interior design (bathrooms, kitchens, living rooms, etc.)
  • 3D illustration (posters, 3D graphics, etc.)
  • 3D animation (animation for film and video)
  • CGI Animations
  • 3D image retouching
  • Modeling and creating 3D characters.

We work with some of the most important creativity in the world, as expected from a good 3D design people whose passion for exceptional work and offer a good service, so that you always get the best quality of the latest fashions. The renders are of the best quality and excellent enough for the visualization of many great construction projects that can be seen. Examples of our portfolio you can see here.

If you are convinced of our capabilities, then you are requesting a competitive quote and sending via the contact form or by phone: +31626360378